Our Smart System is enhanced by innovative technology features

Blockchain: each event is encoded with a hash, which is saved with a timestamp on the blockchain, sensitive to resilience and to information processed by the system.

The accurate register of certified events of attribution with certainty the responsibilities in case of damage reconstructing the moment SPIDERLOG incorporates temperature, humidity, light and acceleration sensors with which constantly monitors the environmental conditions in which the goods are located, and records the occurrence of anomalous events such as collisions or opening of the package, with the related time information.

Product register from the device are downloaded via bluetooth on employees’ terminals, and recorded to the cloud that records a timestamp on blockchain.

The temporal markings linked to the events is to monitor the production chain at the end, and to identify the responsibility for anomalous conditions, and for any damage or missing items.

Costs and times associated with legal disputes and personalized insurance licenses have thus been reduced.

The solution automates the processes, introducing quality, traceability and efficiency; this avoids bureaucratic delays due to related matters.

Assessment of responsibility for the various events that may occur during shipment, associating them with a data certification and a certain time stamp.


Few simple steps to MANAGE, MONITOR and INCREASE the SECURITY of your shipments

Preparation and shipping

Creation of the documentation of the package

Through the app a NFC tag will be created and applied to the package. It will provide all the tracking information to the recipient of the package.

Packaging & Insertion of the sensor

The SPIDERLOG device will be inserted during packaging within the shipment.


As soon as the package leaves the warehouse, our device begins monitoring the conditions of the goods, thanks to the integrated sensors of temperature, humidity, acceleration and light.


With SPIDERLOG you can monitor your shipment at any time and on any means of transport. Thanks to the light sensor you can also know if and when the goods container is opened.

Arrival at destination

The arrival of the package is reported through the app by the person in charge. Thanks to the TAG applied to the package, the recipient can download all the documentation related to the shipment.

Checking the conditions of the pack

Thanks to the app, the recipient can consult the data recorded during the journey by the sensors.